Om Pendulum

PENDULUM is a danish jewelry brand made by hand. It is Characterized by design, finesse and edginess. Sold primary in special shops like lifestyle & museumsshops. The price-range is 6-16 Euro (wholesale prices)
PENDULUM jewelry is a series of innovative and bold design that combines raw materials like leather, epoxy and plexiglas with more feminine materials such as ceramics, enamel, crystal, silk, gold and silver. PENDULUM was founded by jewelry designer Jeannette Nielsen in 2005 and the first collection was launced the same year. Jeannettes designs blend different materiels and colours to create distinct and unique styles which cannot be found elsewhere.
Every piece of jewellery in the the two annual PENDULUM collections are made by hand and new designs are continuously added to the collections.
PENDULUM jewellery can be found in museum and lifestyle shops, fashion shops in Denmark, Sweden, England and Holland and also from the showroom and PENDULUM STORE in central Copenhagen - next to Kongens Nytorv.

Please send us an inquiry. We are very pleased to get to know you.
m +45 61 65 96 55


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