Nora Norway

Om Nora Norway

The brand Nora Norway represents those who care for timeless, yet trendy pieces. Jewelry that makes you feel at ease. Like when you take a hike in the Norwegian forests and reach a top with a view over the fjords. That peace. Majestic, graceful and pure. It´s something that you know will always be there - something persistent.
The first collection came out in 2007 and Nora Norway is today the oldest and largest jewelry producer in Norway.
Made for huggin you, baby. When our founder´s son was three weeks old, he got his first and only teddy bear- Bamsen. No other toy was ever to compete. It was a bond that never could be replaced.
Now, 28 years later, Bamsen is still here. Companions for life without any strings attached. Bamsen is the symbol of someone you can trust to be loyal, to provide unconditional love and to spark pure joy. These are the pillars that carry the HugMe brand and products.
Take care and wear the bear - the hug that lasts a lifetime.

We are looking for retailers in Sweden.
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