Joseph Ribkoff

Om Joseph Ribkoff

Established in 1957, the Joseph Ribkoff brand is the original Canadian fashion company, designing and manufacturing almost exclusively, locally in Montreal.

Renowned for its cosmopolitan allure, unique to Montreal’s playful sense of fashion, its creations reflect the innovative, vibrant, and eclectic spirit of the city.

Joseph Ribkoff pushes the boundaries of fashion to reflect the beauty, confidence and thrill that comes with experience. To put these amazing women front and center, to dress them a wardrobe they have more than earned. A wardrobe filled with choices so they can be whoever they want to be, perfectly fitted to match who they are, in ever way.
This is Joseph Ribkoff.
The power of Presence.
With a deep understanding of the female body and its changes over time, the designers create clothing where impeccable fit meets comfort, and bold designs make women look and feel simply amazing. There is an unparalleled level of perfectionism underlining the true value of the product. Each collection features dresses and separates including tops, jackets, sweater knits, pants, jeans, and skirts that range from daywear to evening wear.

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