Om Blench

BLENCH is a Swedish clothing brand, founded in the spring of 2014.

It all started with a vision to create and develop mens fashions in Sweden.

A small test collection was done in a well-known store in Gothenburg, and the result was above expectations. The creators quickly realized that this was something they could elaborate on.

First, it was decided to focus exclusively on T-shirts, but it moved quickly to produce entire collections. Now it is everything from T-shirts, shirts, jackets to accessories and the list goes on creative new garments and creations designed.

The vision has always been to create clothing to suit all kinds of men, with high focus on new, creative and thoughtful details. The clothes should stand out by being both dressy and functional in a discreet manner.

Blench releases two major collections per year that are designed and developed in Sweden. To ensure the best possible quality in both materials and in execution the production takes place in Portugal.