Cotton Candy

Om Cotton Candy

Four innovative “ready-to-wear” collections, two spring / summer and two autumn / winter collections, are designed by the creative team each year.
The 90 to 100 contemporary styles are available in various colors.
Sub-programs from four to six-part themed sets structure the collections.
A concept that convinces well-known boutiques, concept stores and classic fashion houses throughout the entire Federal territory and beyond its borders: Cotton Candy has become an integral part of the product range at over 500 point-of-sales.

High quality made in Europe collection
Cotton Candy focuses on the production of the collections: the focus is not only on the highest quality requirements with regard to cuts, fit- tings, materials, dyeing and printing techniques, but also every “Made in Europe” collection.
Production is carried out exclusively in factories, which can guarantee a complete traceability of the individual production steps.
On the sales side, the label is represented on the German as well as on the European market by well-known fashion and lifestyle agencies.

Vinter 2021

Höst 2021