Om Moondust

It is not a coincidence that we have chosen the name Moondust. We wish to sprinkle moondust on our customers. In some way you could compare moondust with stardust, - and then again no. Moondust is something truly special and unique.

We aim to create unique and special clothing for the feminine woman. That is also why we have chosen Truly Feminine as our motto. But we also love contrasts, because they highlight the details .- so therefore we will always have cool elements in the Moondust collections. It is the combination of rough and sweet, that is our trademark.

The look is relaxed, decorated, feminine and cool, a modern bohemian with attention to detail. It is affordable luxury,- quality, both in design and materials, but at an affordable price. We look forward to sprinkle moondust on our customers and hope you will welcome us into your hearts.


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