Nör Denmark

Om Nör Denmark

NÖR Denmark is a clothing company founded in 2007 by designer Kirsten Nør. The company is based in suburb of Aarhus, and the clothes are sold in selected boutiques in Europe, Canada and the USA.
NÖR Denmark was originally intended as a small family project where collections should not count more than 20 pieces of clothing, but that did not happen. NÖR expanded very rapidly, and soon the collections counted up to more than 100 pieces. The company is in an expansive development and envisions continued growth.
NÖR Denmark has annual two collections, an AW (Autumn / Winter) and SS (Spring / Summer). The creations are timeless with familiar lines and with a high degree of functionality and a focus on quality, but also contrasts and details are of importance. We only use partners and suppliers, we can vouch for. We develop our own fabrics, buttons and buckles and respects the people we work with, where supervision and rules guarantee that the work environment meets our ethical objective.
The design of NÖR Denmark helps to enhance womans personal style and focuses on freedom of movement and independence.


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