Jacks is casual clothing for the average consumer. The target audience is broad and the collection is very commercial. Both colors, patterns and shapes are made to have such a wide audience as possible. The largest part of the collection is graphically toned down to less embroidery and print. Jacks is also competitive in price. Given the wide audience, the goal is to create a collection containing so many “must have” styles as possible – and the fabrics and color choices are therefore a dynamic size – compared to what is necessary to achieve the goal of this collection. In short, a good product – at a competitive price.

Höst / Vinter 2017


Butiker i Sverige

Alberto Björn Borg Brandtex Cavaliere HaPPi   Hillevi of Sweden Jacett Lee Jeans Lindbergh   LoveLi   Mingel   Oscar Of Sweden SAKI   Selected Homme Shine Original   Soya Concept   Street One   Time to be a woman Topeco Vero Moda Vila